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xinGaonai Group will meet you at the 2024 Russian New Ku Mining Exhibition Release time:Jun,08,2024 Views:75

         The 2024 Russian New Ku Mining Exhibition is about to open. This is not only an international feast of mineral resources and technology, but also an excellent platform for us to showcase the latest technological achievements and deepen global cooperation. As one of the exhibitors, New Gaonai Group will show the world our innovative achievements in the whole chain of equipment such as crushing, screening, and mineral processing at booth 7.c7.

Chinese power on the international stage

Russia New Ku Mining Exhibition

        Based in China and serving the world, XinGaonai Heavy Industry is a well-known one-stop mining machinery and equipment and systematic solution provider in the industry. It focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of crushing and grinding equipment. Our product line covers the whole series of processes such as feeding, crushing, sand making, screening, and mineral processing. Whether it is a powerful crusher series, high-precision screening equipment, or intelligent production line system solutions, every link embodies the unremitting pursuit of efficiency and quality.

       From the ore treasure buried deep underground to the energy cornerstone that drives the world's progress, so far, we have helped more than 10,000 users to achieve profit and revenue with a comprehensive product line, deep technical accumulation and excellent performance equipment, and have won the praise and recognition of a number of customers.

Hard-core equipment speaks with quality

Russia New Ku Mining Exhibition

       Xin Gaonai Group has always regarded the excellent quality of its products as the lifeline of corporate development. We are well aware that in such a high-intensity and high-challenge operating environment as the mining industry, only high-quality equipment can ensure the smooth progress and long-term benefits of customer projects. Therefore, from material selection to precision processing, from strict testing to continuous optimization, every detail and every process of equipment research and development and manufacturing processes, we strive for excellence to ensure that every piece of equipment shipped can withstand the test of extreme conditions, be durable and have stable performance.

Russia New Ku Mining Exhibition

Whether you are a mining professional seeking technological breakthroughs or an industry pioneer committed to environmentally friendly production, start planning your trip. From June 4th to 7th, Xin Gaonai Heavy Industry will be waiting for you at booth 7.c7 of the Novokunetsk Exhibition Center in Russia to explore the infinite possibilities of the sand and gravel industry and witness the innovative development of the sand and gravel industry!

Follow us, more exhibition information and exhibit highlights will be revealed one after another!